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Sawako-Marrying together style and utility

Up until a few years ago, cycling was considered an incredibly masculine sport, where all the paraphernalia related to it was purely functional and not aesthetic at all. Yet, ever since its inception in London, Sawako has truly taken the world by storm by creating quality helmets which are not merely durable but look incredibly good as well.
So, if you are someone who could never bear the thought of signing up in a gym, then you ought to try your hand at cycling. Cycling is a pastime which is not stressful at all and can be enjoyed by both men and women alike! In case you are someone who is very fashion forward and want to make a statement with your cycling attire, then given here are some reasons you need to invest in these incredible female bike helmets.
  • Incredibly functional and affordable

One of the best things about these helmets is that they are extremely hardy. Very often companies which make good looking products, tend to not bother about the quality of the products itself. But this is certainly not something you need to bother about when you invest in a Sawako helmet. To top it all these stylish helmets are incredibly affordable as well.

Sawako sparkling female cycling helmet

  • Hand finished

Unlike most mass produced products which are not completed to perfection, these fashionable helmets are hand finished. This ensures that any helmet which is not up to the mark, is immediately discarded off. It is certainly not for nothing that even Pippa Middleton has opted for Sawako Helmets!

Sawako brown crocodile faux leather female cycling helmet

  • Mind boggling range

Women usually complain that most of the brand don’t cater to the needs of the female, yet this is one brand that does just that! Irrespective of whether you are someone who fancies bright bling, fancy floral or even bold leopard prints, you can rest assured that you will find something that suits your personality with this brand that has a mind boggling range of helmets on display!

Sawako blue eyecandy women bike helmet

These are simply some of the few reasons why, you ought to check out Sawako. This London born, New York based, high end brand has truly caught the attention of women the world over. Just like people love investing in fashionable gym wear, similarly investing in a lovely cycling helmet, is simply the same thing. When you look good you will automatically be more confident and sure about yourself!

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