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Julie Idlet: the founder of CYCLE KIDS

A few months ago, Susi Wunch from Velojoy, who is on the board of the Transportation Alternative  kindly invited me to TA's annual gala (Thank you for the fun evening!).  That night, I had the pleasure of meeting Julianne Idlet, the fabulous and passionate founder of CYCLE Kids

Julianne Idlet Founder and Executive Director of Cyclekids

CYCLE Kids is a non-profit oragnization which uses cycling as a way to strengthen the emotional and physical health of children.  It's not simply to learn to ride a bicycle but to give them the skill to stay active and choose healthy lifestyles beyond the program. 

cyclekids logo

We all remember how free and invincible we felt when we first learnt to ride, don't we?

Julie started this work 14 years ago after she became aware of the alarming numbers of children developing type II diabetes.  She left her successful marketing career to do what she truly believed in.  Her sad experience of losing her sister to cancer at a young age made her particularly passionate about giving children a chance to become as free, curious and happy as kids should be.  

CYCLE Kids now works with a number of nationwide schools, around 3,500 children have gained the knowledge and skill to ride bicycles, stay active and make right choices thanks to Julie's initiative. 

Once a school is engaged with the program, they get a 2-year curriculum for 4th and 5th grade students that can be implemented in physical education and academic classes. 

kids comments on cyclekids

They have reached over 25,000 since she started the program, and the number is going up! The organization is mainly funded by private donations (of funds and parts!)at the moment.  If you are interested in bringing this fabulous program to an underprivileged community, get in touch with Julie and find out what you can do! 


Image credit: CYCLE Kids


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