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Divvy in Style When You Visit Chicago

Ahh, summer in the windy city. Lakefront breezes, museums, and plenty to explore. The cycle friendly city boasts a world class bike share system; Divvy, just $10 for a full days pass, makes it easier than ever for tourists and commuters alike to discover new and old Chicago favorites. Just be cautious of your ride time! You must dock your Divvy and refresh your ride every 30 minutes or pay a small fee.



Lake Front Trail

Chicago’s proximity to Lake Michigan often surprises new comers who might not know just how central the shore is to Chicago’s landscape. From North of Edgewater to South of Hyde Park is a pedestrian and cycling trail that gives you the best of city scapes and shoreline views. This wonderful trail has plenty of divvy stops along the way so you can pause to take in the views and refresh your ride.  

 Lincoln Park Conservatory

If you’re feeling fancy and want to bike the shore in style, take a leisurely ride to the North Pond for a farm to table meal. It’s a bit of a splurge but you’ll never forget it! There’s a Divvy station a short walk north of the restaurant on Stockton Dr & Wrightwood Ave. After your fabulous brunch ride down to Lakeview ave and Fullerton parkway for a quick stroll through the Lincoln Park conservatory. If you didn’t already drive your Instagram followers mad with envy from your North Pond Brunch, you’re sure to impress with pics of luscious and exotic plant life at the historic greenhouse conservatory.

North Pond

North Pond:

2610 N Cannon Dr, Chicago, IL 60614

Lincoln Park Conservatory:

2391 N Stockton Dr, Chicago, IL 60614


Heritage Bikes

One of our favorite US bike and coffee shops is located in the heart of Chicago. Heritage General store is the perfect place to catch up on emails, enjoy a cold brew, and gawk at the gear. Even on Divvy, it’s a worthwhile stop to admire their beautiful space and talk shop with other bike lovers. We recommend accessorizing yourself with our newly released Starry Navy Sparkle helmet and a Po Campo bag (designed to fit in your Divvy or any bike). Closest Divvy station to Heritage is located at Southport Ave. and Wellington Ave.

 Heritage General Store

 Heritage Chicago

Heritage Bikes: 

2959 N Lincoln Ave. Chicago, IL 60657

606 trail (Bloomingdale Trail)

Bloomingdale Trail

This 2.7 mile long trail on a former elevated train track line is Chicago’s version of New Yorks Highline. Unlike the Highline, this trail is designed for cyclists. It’s a scenic byway that gives you the best of nature and architecture in this vibrant neighborhood. Hop off on Damen St. and explore Wicker Park, There are tons of great vintage shops and other fun places to explore too. Be sure to  grab a comforting meal at the adorable Dove’s Luncheonette, and if you are done biking for the day try one of their mescal cocktails- you deserve it after all that riding! Divvy station across the street from Dove’s at Damen Ave. and Pierce Ave.


Bloomingdale Trail

Dove's Luncheonette:

1545 N Damen Ave, Chicago, IL 60622



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Mrs Pippa with a Sawako helmet

Pippa Middleton was spotted on cycling around London town last week.
Pippa Middleton cycling with Sawako black croc helmet in London
 She was running errands on her bike.  Don't we just love her for that?? 
Having lived in London, I believe that cycling is definitely one of the most efficient ways to get from A to B there.  Public transport is better than New York City but tube is expensive and busses are not always on time.  I love black cabs but they are super pricy...
Pippa Middleton running errands on her bike in london with sawako helmet
I have a feeling that Pippa may not be worried about the cost of transport, it is more about  lifestyle choice for her.   Cycling in style continues even after you stop peddling.  Carrying a beautiful bicycle helmet says to the world that 'I am a cyclist who is active, confident, style-concisous and independent'.  Choose your own statement piece from our collection
Pippa Middleton carrying a Sawako black croc helmet in London
You may recall her recent lavish wedding to James Matthews.  It must be hard to get back to her reality after a beautiful honeymoon.  Cycling has a lot of health benefits including some feel-good effect on cyclists.  
pippa middleton's wedding DRESS
We are a big fan of James, too, since we spotted that he is gentleman enough to push Pippa's bicycle while they shop.  Perhaps he can wear our brown croc helmet to go on a romantic ride. 
James Matthews pushing Pippa Middleton's bike
Here she may have been busy texting her husband what to eat for dinner!  ;-)
Pippa Middleton texting with Sawako helmet in hand
This classy black croc helmets have been super popular with/without Pippa effect.  They are currently out of stock but coming back in a few days! 
Please make sure to preorder yours. 
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Hot New Collection!

Summer is upon us and Sawako’s collection just got hotter. We have welcomed these gorgeous additions to our Madison clan. 

They will dazzle you with their glossy patterns against the classy matte background.



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Honoring Father's Day

At the NY Bike Expo this past May, someone asked me how long I’ve been a cyclist. As I thought about the answer, I realized I’ve been biking since I was about 4 years old. 

I then began to recall the many bikes I’ve had over the years. My very first pink bike with white tassels that my Dad taught me to ride on; the red 3 seat tandem my Dad used to cart my brother and myself on through town; the Craigslist Peugeot step-through my Dad haggled a great deal on so I’d have a way to get around in college; and then when I moved to Brooklyn, him shipping that same bike he haggled for, but freshly tuned up with new lights and a lock so I’d be ready for city riding.

It amazed me how reliable my dad had been over the years when it came to biking. So in honor of Father’s Day we want to give thanks to the Dads who’ve taught their kids to love cycling.

My dad worked in a bike shop all through college and to this day still loves building bikes.  He’s also blessed to have so many women in his family, between myself, my stepsisters, and his granddaughters. So whether he’s finding a good deal on a vintage Raleigh at a yard sale and cleaning it up for one of his kids, or building an elegant Soma bike from parts as a romantic gift,  or taking us girls on a Divvy tour of Chicago, it’s always inspired me to see him passionate about helping the women in his life get easy access to cycling.

David Kamerer on a Divvy

Since I’ve started working with Sawako I’ve realized what a boys club biking can be, so I appreciated remembering all the ways that my dad helped me feel confident and independent by giving me the gift of biking at a young age, and of course, making sure I always wore a helmet. 

riding in style even at age 5

Here’s to all of the Father’s who took the time to attach training wheels and tassels to their kids first bikes, making sure style and safety were part of their ride from the very first lesson. Happy Fathers Day!!!

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