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Oh the merry season is upon us. When the weather gets cold there is something that keeps a flame in our hearts and warms us up every time we think about it. You all know what I am talking about right? It's the holiday season. The fall weather brings us the beautiful colors, the falling leaves, the chilly breeze and most importantly the joyful times spent with the ones we love the most. There is yet another thing about this holiday that we all love. The shopping. The annual holiday sales that warm our hearts even more.

So that's why today I will show you 5 amazing gift ideas for your loved ones or even better, yourselves.


Let's start this list with a little sparkle. We all want some sparkle in our lives, and I believe I have found the perfect item. For everyone that loves to remain active thorough the entire season I have found a great bike helmet that you will want to wear all year round. The Sawako helmet rightly named Sparkle is sure to put a spark in your heart as well as your feet. You will want to go everywhere in it. And even if you are not that big of a bike enthusiast it still is a perfect gift for your friend that is. And we all have one.


The second gift idea is also one for the bike lovers in your life. We all know the one thing that every bike needs. For safety, for whimsy, for appearance. I am talking about the bell. That is the one bike accessory that all bikes need and love. And I have found an extremely affordable and pretty bell you can give to your active friend and I can assure you they will love it. The Sawako Hanabi bell is a perfect choice.



The third option is something that everyone needs this season. An item that keeps you warm and stylish both at the same time. A great and cozy jacket is a must for the chilly weather. The Sawako sports jacket, created by the Belgian designer Annick van Campen is a great way to show your love to one of the people that are closest to you or you can just keep the stylish outerwear for yourselves.


The fourth choice is also an item well tailored for the chilly weather. It's an item made for people that love the snow and especially the activities involved with it. No I am not talking about a snowball fight although it may help to protect yourselves in that fun activity too. But it's mostly used while skiing. Yes, the helmet. It offers a lot of protection but, I have found one that offers a lot of style too. The Sawako Floral Navy Ski helmet is a great gift idea this season.


And last but most definitely not least. What's the one thing that you can never keep warm in the cold months ahead? For me as I believe it is the case for a lot of people, it's the ears. But worry not. For I have found a great item to help you tackle the cold and keep your ears warm. The Sawako Ear Cosies are another great and super affordable gift idea.

Sawako ear cosies ear muffs for helmets


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In praise of ZEN: Japanese tea ceremony

The holiday season is upon us, it is exciting but also can cause a lot of anxiety.  So many events to go to, so many gifts to buy...oops, I have not made my holiday cards! 

I am usually a calm person but being a busy person in a busy city like New York, sometimes I need to work on my mindfulness.  Anyone can fall into this unsettling space, Zayn Malik made a headline this year admitting that he has suffered from anxiety.  It is a complex issue and very personal, but I wanted to share my recent ZEN experience. 

Japanese tea ceremony zen experience

Sometimes it’s as important to stop and reflect as to move forward.  I went to a Japanese ceremony this week that was taught by my dear friend.  (I have tried this ancient ritual a few times in Japan but I am not qualified to teach anyone! If you are interested, read on here or get in touch with your local organisation.  Here is the link to Ura-senke New York.)

Kimono on tea ceremony teacher
I had a nice welcome by my friend Yuka in a beautiful kimono. 

Japanese tea ceremony cups and tools

The tools are simply stunning. Japanese confectionary offered often reflects the season. This time was autumn leaf. I‎t is mainly made from beans and sugar, yes pretty sweet! You make your mouth sweet before drinking yummy bitter green tea. The tea cup is usually different per guest and it’s very important to admire its beauty. The Japanese philosophy of ‘Ichi-go ichi-e’(lit. "one time, one meeting") makes you appreciate this precious moment that may not ever happen again. 

Japanese sweets autumn theme

 I‎t was not only about drinking green matcha full of antioxidants in breathtakingly beautiful cups, but more about leaning to humble yourself, clean your mind, respect others, which will lead to inner calmness.

Japanese tea ceremony philosophy

Wa, Kei, Sei, Jaku – “harmony, respect, purity, tranquility.”

My new life goal


This art has been around over centuries and many famous samurai warriors were dedicated pupils, too. Everyone was asked to leave swords and status behind before entering the tea house. I‎ bet these brave warriors carried a lot of stress and tea ceremony must have been essential to balance life. As an entrepreneur living in New York, I feel like a samurai warrior sometimes! No wonder I really enjoyed this calm session. 

Having lived outside of Japan so long, it was such a precious experience to remind myself the culture I was raised in. I am hooked! 

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I don't think there is something we love more than Fridays. It means the end of the week, the start of the fun weekend... You can decide how you want to spend it and most importantly you get to stay in bed as long as you'd like. But there is another thing that makes this Friday even more special. It's Friday 24th and that means the Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales are beginning.

blue sparkle helmet on model

We all love sales. We can splurge and get everything we need and sometimes even things we don't really need. But who cares? When it's on sale it is on. And I know you are all excited and can't wait for this Friday to come. Well I am here to make things easier for you. For all of you that love the fun activities and love to stay in shape even when the weather is a bit threatening I am here to inform you of the upcoming sales in Sawako. Whether you are looking for a new bike helmet, new ski helmet or just some cold weather accessories, they've got you covered. If there is one thing I know I look forward to is getting the Sawako Navy Glitter Bike helmet. And as I have fallen madly in love with it I am sure all of you will. Not to rely solely on my words I have here the real deal.

Navy glitter sparkle Sawako female biking helmet  

Just look at all that sparkle. It allows you to look stylish and so chic. It also allows you to stay safe. You can rest assured that everyone will notice you and you will remain safe and sound while you are out for a joy ride. So that is one thing on my list as I am sure it just went onto yours. If you want another color you are in luck. The Sawako Sparkle helmet is just as amazing and just as sparkly.

And here it is. The other shiny new thing you need to get this Friday. But, if for some reason you are not that into sparkle there are more designs that fit any style. So do yourselves a big favor, bookmark the site and this Friday head straight to Sawako to get one of these beauties. When the helmets are so pretty, no one will judge you if you get more than one. As I said, it's not just a safety piece it's also a statement piece.

Use THANKS25 to score 25% site wide. Until Nov 27th only. 



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As the lovely fall weather has slowly and yet effectively caught up with us we have found ourselves in the need of some fashionable pieces and accessories to keep up with our stylish lifestyle. Personally I love the cold weather which usually means that I get to wear a lot more and express myself more creatively.
One other thing I love about the colder weather is that you can still stay active thorough the season. There are a lot of options that, thanks to creative designers, are becoming immensely stylish. I am sure a lot of active people are bored with the regular sportswear that is always the same and we all want to look unique and find a product that is not only useful but also fashionable. So let me show you a an extremely cool ensemble for all of you daredevils out there.
Fall fashion idea with Sawako brown ran helmet
As every cyclist knows it can be tricky to pull off a great look in the fall. Here is one that will be easy, cozy and stylish for the colder days. The everyone's favorite piece for the fall is a great sweater. There are a lot of fits, knits and colors. One of the best colors that will go great with everything is an earth toned color. And the other item of clothing that always goes great with a nice sweater is the light washed mom jeans. The fit is becoming ever so popular again and it offers a lot of protection.
The other classic that is an inevitable statement piece for fall is the black leather jacket. James Dean has made it a trendy item and now it has become a star all by itself.
So now that we have covered all of the big pieces let's focus on the items that will steal the show. A great combat boot is a great style for biking. It's fashionable as it is comfortable. You can get anywhere and still remain chic and fabulous. And there is another item that is a must for biking. The helmet. Even though the market is flooded with bike helmets it's still hard to find one that will look great with your fashionable closet.
But lucky for you I have found a piece that will become a favorite for all of your bike rides. The Sawako Ran model is a classic and yet ever so stylish bike helmet. With the brown color that works on every ensemble and the embroidered details that amplify the chic you will really fall in love with it. So do yourselves a favor and get a helmet that will make you enjoy your bike rides even more.           
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Aren't you all excited about the fact that winter is right at our door step? It's so close and we need to get ready for it. One thing everyone loves about it is the weather phenomenon that happens only in winter. Yes, I am talking about snow.

And there is another phenomenon that happens in winter and it's every active person's dream come true. Yes, I am talking about skiing.

Since we are active and stylish we need something to help us check both of those things off the list. We all know the standard wear for skiing but we also want to stand out from the rest and lucky for you I have found the perfect way! There is something about the standard black and white ski combo that everyone is choosing it year after year. It looks classy and stylish and at the same time cozy and comfy.

While we all want to look as stylish as we can, we mustn't overlook the fact that we have to be well protected. Here I have made a stylish combination for everyone that likes to keep both of those factors while having fun and getting the much needed vacation.

 ski fashion styling for blog post

There are an awful lot of choices to choose from so I will try to make things easier for you. You can choose a great winter jacket that fits your body and compliments it. The black and white are great colors that work on any complexion.

Then, you can focus on the pants. The right fit is always important. The comfort factor is also very important. And while you can check all of that, you can think about the color. It's true that almost every other color works with white but, there isn't the slightest doubt about which one works the best.

The black is an all time classic and choosing a black pair of ski pants with your white winter jacket is a winner combo. Opt for the slim fit that works on every body type. And after we've covered the big parts we can focus on the accessories that tie the whole ensemble together. We can start with the boots that have to be extremely comfy and warm.Madison Ski helmets trio

Lucky for us this season the fur is really in trend so we can choose a lot of styles that will keep our toes happy. Then there are the sunglasses that protect your eyes which is extremely important in winter as it is in the summer time. The gloves are also part of the package. Choosing a black leather gloves is always a full proof way of remaining warm and safe. And at the end there is nothing as important as the helmet. It can make or break the entire outfit. The Sawako Madison helmet is a perfect choice for this arrangement and the design will only work in your benefit. So you will remain safe and cozy and at the same time have everyone looking your way.  



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